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Exmortis was formed in 1987 and released its first demo titled “Descent into Chaos” in July of 1988.  With much praise by the underground its next venture was titled “Immortality’s End” which was released in 1989.  This release brought them to black vinyl through CCG records out of England.  This release also brought the band to another level and was a turning point for them into major league players such as Morbid Angel and Death.  Many people in the underground were heavily following the bands every move.  Exmortis went on to play many live shows with bands like Prime Evil, Ripping Corpse, Gorephobia, Dr. Shrinker, Deceased, Internal Void, and countless others.  In the prime of their short lived career Exmortis broke up under unfortunate circumstances in the late summer of 1990.

Exmortis continued to go on with Brian Werking’s version of Exmortis and released the 7” EP “Fade From Reality” in 1991 through the now cult Rage Records.  This release brought even more attention to the band name.  Without a live band to follow it up the name was lost in the shadows once again until 1993 when Chris Wiser’s version of Exmortis had put together a line-up, released a demo titled “Existing to Devour the Worms” and played some live shows until they broke up. 

In 1994 Brian Werking was approached by Growing Deaf Entertainment hailing from The Netherlands asking to put together a compilation CD.  Brian respectfully used the name Bloodless as an alias to Exmortis because Chris Wiser had bought the trademark for the band name.  Needless to say Exmortis (I mean Bloodless) released 2 songs on that CD along with bands like Prime Evil, Num Skull, Mortal Dread, Expulsion, Matricide, Dr. Shrinker, Iron Warrior and Phantasm.  The name Exmortis went dormant again for many years.

Exmortis was brought back to life in a sort in 1999 -2000 with a number of Tribute CD’s.  The two that stood out the most were the tribute to Morbid Angel in which Exmortis contributed the song “God of Emptiness” and the tribute to Death in which Exmortis contributed the song “Baptized in Blood”.

In 2010 Brian Werking bought the trademark to the name Exmortis because it was available and new music was beginning to churn out again.  Exmortis sprouted much talk in 2011 with its release of “Unhallowed Grave” in Late January of 2011 which was a compilation of fan favorite songs and the complete discography re-mastered and released by Necroharmonic Records in May of 2011.

Now is the time for the beginning of a new era with the release of “Resurrection…Book of the Dead”.  Being released by the cult Xtreem Music, it’s bound to be a CD worth purchasing.  If you remember Exmortis from the early days of death metal, then you will enjoy this classic recording set in modern times.  The extreme brutality it presents is undoubtedly some of their best work to date and will again engrave itself with a strong hold in the death metal underground where they plan to stay.